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Luxury L-4106-M25-BSY Black Boyalı Modern Chandelier E27 Metal 33cm

Product Code : AV-4106-M25-BSY
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- All materials used in this product have been carefully selected.
- Produced by the best furniture masters of Turkey with perfect workmanship.
- There are no substances harmful to human health in its contents.
- It is one of the best quality and original design examples of Turkish Furniture.
- It is a comfortable, stylish and original design that keeps the aesthetic of the place on the front.

Ürün Adı : Luxury AV-4106-M25-BSY Siyah Boyalı Modern Avize E27 Metal 33cm
Ürün Kodu : AV-4106-M25-BSY
Aile Kodu : 4106 Serisi
Aile Adı : AKASYA
Yükseklik : 80 cm
Çap : 33 cm
Ampül Türü : 1 x E27 110Lm Max. 6W - DAHİL DEĞİLDİR
Renk : Siyah
Kaplama Türü : Boyal?
Materyal : Metal
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Behind the LUXURY LINE brand, which combines luxury and comfort in furniture, there is quality production, unconditional customer satisfaction and corporate accumulation that dates back many years. LUXURY LINE, thanks to its service infrastructure, delivers its most special designs to its customers all over the world without any problems. Located in the center of Eurasia, the meeting point of continents, LUXURY LINE opens from Istanbul to the world, to dozens of countries from Europe to the Americas, from the Middle East to Africa and Asia, he delivers his rich collection of luxury products.

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As Luxury Line, we provide all the furniture and decoration needs of hotels, cafes, restaurants, offices and residential projects in Turkey and abroad from A to Z we also offer corporate solutions for We are at your service with hundreds of product options in our rich collection.

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We are ready to become a solution partner for architects and interior designers at home and abroad.You can contact us for support on furniture, accessories and complementary decoration products of your projects.

Special Production

It's just for you...
Our design experience, which expertly blends classical and modern lines, our architectural know-how that fully understands you and makes your dreams come true we are at your service with our perfect production power that transforms. You choose your style, we will design it and make it a reality.


Our quality is registered, our services are award-winning!
The corporate vision and quality understanding behind the LUXURY LINE brand have been registered by important institutions and organizations on a national and international scale. Again, the service concept that our brand has has been awarded many awards to date.


We are proud of our past...
Our corporate structure, which is one of the important companies Dec the sector and includes the LUXURY LINE brand, until now, it has received the references of many important companies and distinguished names with millions of fans.

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